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President’s message

“Our goal: Never-ending evolution.”

Toshikazu Jimbo President

Major changes are taking place both in the Japanese market and in global markets, especially those in Asia.
To respond to such changes, It is demanded that we are not boun d by the conventional concept and challenge to the “ revolution ” to grow up in this new environment.

At Atomix, we are positively taking in the research and development such as fusions with technologies from a number of different fields and the aging of the core technologies for the future.
We will perform the development of “the products which only Atomix can do it and is done because it is Atomix”.
And we will continue to push forward with to “become in No.1, or Only one in the market” that it is our management philosophy.

Furthermore, We regard the safety of the earth and the person and securing of comfort as the foundation of our management and think that We want to do contribution to society by reflecting these for our business activities.
In addition, we are taking up for the improvement of more cust omer satisfaction through the improvement of the motivation of the employee by the enhancement of the employee satisfaction and the ability because of considering the development of the human resources is the greatest important for the long-term development of a company.

We will repeat steady our efforts in order to achieve the social mission as a company at all of the Atomix group company, we therefore ask everyone, for yourcontinued support andleadership.