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Group Network

Head office

Head Office (various business units)

Located in Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, Atomix’s head office houses sales, engineering, administration, and the departments directly under President’s command.


Kazo Factory (Paint Department)Minami-Shinozaki, Kazo City, Saitama Prefecture

This is Atomix’s main plant; it produces paints for road and household applications, particularly floor coatings, waterproofing materials and coatings for use on roofs and in swimming pools. A laboratory equipped with the latest devices and facilities is established on the same site.

Kuki Factory (Road Department)Shobu, Kuki City, Saitama Prefecture

The main plant for the Road Department, Kuki Plant produces the melting materials that are used in paints for road applications (for road marking). While engaging in across-the-board efforts to save on manpower, Kuki Plant is now working on product groups in fields which demand the most advanced production technology.

Okayama Factory (Road Department)Nagi, Katsuta District, Okayama Prefecture

As Atomix’s production center for western Japan, Okayama Plant produces paints for road applications (road marking) has successfully developed the rationalization of the large-scale distribution system for these products, based on its future regional strategy vision.

Group companies (in Japan)

Atom Support Co., Ltd.Itabashi-ku, Tokyo

This company sells paints for household applications under the Atom House Paint brand and other DIY home improvement products.

A.V.S. Co., Ltd.Shobu, Kuki City, Saitama Prefecture

This company sorts and delivers DIY home improvement products including those of the Atom House Paint brand. It also offers distribution services for home centers.

Atom Technos Co., Ltd.Matsubushi, Kita-Katsushika District, Saitama Prefecture

Atom Technos Co.,Ltd. carries out the construction projects using the road marking materials and the concrete protective materials with the aim of ensuring both safe and comfortable visual appearance in urban traffic environments.

Atom Machine Service Co., LtdItabashi-ku, Tokyo

In cooperation with Atomix’s Road Department, this company manufactures and sells machines to apply road markings, and offers maintenance services for them.