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Technology Headquarters

Leading the market based on our technological development capabilities as we look ahead to the future.

Our R&D personnel are working together on research and development that looks ahead to the market as it will be 10 years, 20 years from now, in order to respond to the changing needs of customers. At “Atomix, the company of the technology” we are taking steps towards the next stage.

Technology Headquarters

1st Technology Division

The 1st Technology Division carries out R&D into products that can be used for maintaining and extending the lifespans of buildings, such as waterproofing materials, roof coatings, and household applications.

2nd Technology Division

The 2nd Technology Division carries out R&D into products that are used in situations we encounter around us day by day, such as road materials, concrete protective materials and floor coatings.

Development Section

The Development Section carries out R&D into coating materials that add functional value to products.

Atomix’s research laboratory provides a full lineup of the latest equipment and facilities essential for the development of paints and coatings, and is where the company’s R&D personnel gather to work together. Personnel from Atomix’s Technology Headquarters—the 1st Technology Division, 2nd Technology Division and Development Section—work together to share their information among themselves, aiming to “create fusions of different technologies, accelerate the development process and the aging of the core technologies for the future.” They are working proactively to develop products based on the Atomix management philosophy: “Becoming the Number One and Only One in our market.”